Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My New Favorite Jiaozi Dian!

The countdown is on!  We only have a little over 6 months left living in Chengdu.  The one things that I will miss most (besides my incredible friends) is the food.  For my New Year's resolution I promised myself I would eat more Sichuan food, take pictures and write about it.

We spent the Christmas and New Year holiday in Thailand, which is our favorite spot to vacation.  Sun, sand, sea, and food is always the perfect combination for rest and relaxation.  The one thing our family missed the most while we were away was our Sichuan food.  We were back in the early afternoon, so we headed to our favorite homestyle Sichuan restaurant for some spice and something to warm our cold bodies from the shockingly cold weather we arrived to.  


Heaven on a plate!  My friend Laura said she would be happy if she died eating a plate of these crunchy potatoes!  Gan Bian Tu Dou Si or Shoestring dry fried potatoes.


Fried broccoli in a lovely soy and scallion sauce.


My favorite dish of any Sichuan food, Yu Xiang Qiezi or Fish Fragrant Eggplant.


Guo Ba Rou Pian or Pork in Lychee sauce.  Dried and fried rice cakes with a blend of lean pork, tomatoes, wood ear mushrooms, fresh bamboo, and our favorite Chinese vegetable wo sun.  Lightly sweet and sour.


Real Sweet and Sour Pork!  No pineapple or peppers!  Tang Cu Li Ji

In my promise to myself I said I will eat more Sichuan lunches at little hole in the wall joints.  In search of a new jiaozi dian (dumpling shop) my driver took me to one of his favorite little lunch spots, Pin Ke Lai, close to our house.  They are known for the baozi, but they also have jiaozi, noodles, and eggs.  It has replaced my little shop across the street from our house as my new favorite, go-to quick lunch spot.  I had been craving their jiaozi in their beautiful red chili sauce since we left 3 weeks ago.  



An order of about 20 jiaozi will set you back 8 yuan or $1.29. I prefer the pork and cabbage to the pork and jiu cai (Chinese chive).  It is also served with the chili sauce, steaming hot broth, and the most delicious pao cai or pickled radishes   A half an order will only set you back 5 yuan, but as you can see I need the full order to fill me up!