Sunday, March 12, 2006

Not much news from the Du...

Things here have been nice and calm. There seems to be more new Westerners appearing on the scene every day. We met a couple who have a little boy Angus' age and got the boys together for a play date last week. Another woman came back from England and has decided to start a playgroup for kids under 3.

Jonny is also on a mission to make our Chengdu house "home". We went to a plant market and bought 20 plants which ended up costing a whole $6.50 and hired a Gardner to plant them which was an additional $4. I will have to take pictures when it stops raining here. It is really shaping up!

I hope to have more to talk about soon. We will be heading out for St. Paddy's Day on Friday, so I am sure there will be stories to tell!

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VeryApeAZ said...

You're killing me with those prices. So, do they pay Jonny $.75 an hour to keep him from buying the entire country?