Thursday, April 27, 2006

Koh Samui, Thailand!


We are getting ready to leave tomorrow afternoon for 10 days in Koh Samui, Thailand. I am so excited I can't hardly stand it! I am in need of a break from China. I feel that I get quite agitated at the littlest thing about Chinese culture and the way that most Chinese people think. I am sure it is nothing a few days on the beach and loads of Thai food won't cure.

We are going with the kids, Sadie and Rock and staying at Headland Villas. The villas were highly recommended by a couple other expat families living here in Chengdu. They also offer a Thai chef and babysitting services which we plan to take advantage of quite frequently.
I thought I would include some other photos of our accommodations for you to enjoy.

THV view to inside

THV lounge & dining

THV terrace villa 3

THV deck of villa 2

I plan on doing quite a bit of blogging while we are in Thailand, so stay tuned! We are also going to be meeting up with a woman from my MOMS Club in Chandler that relocated back to Koh Samui this past year. It should be nice to see a familiar face and get a locals view of the island.


megandshanny said...

What a beautiful place! Enjoy the water and your time there.

Maura said...

Wow! Have fun! What a great life you have!
Miss you!

VeryApeAZ said...

I'm soooo jealous. When you get irritated, drink some American beers, swear like a sailor and get it out of your system. It's tough, but you'll be okay. Honestly. :-D

Anonymous said...

Have a great time! Koh Samui is awesome! We went there on sabbatical and wrote about it in our blog ( - October 25 - 29) so you can check out what we did. In short, the highlights were front row seats at Chaweng Thai Kickboxing and getting suits made. My cousin and his wife recently went there for a yoga honeymoon.
-Madeline & Dan

Anonymous said...

PS Don't forget to see the mummified monk and the Grandmother/Grandfather rocks! Also, here's a link on the marriage of the Scorpion Queen and Centipede King.

-Madeline & Dan