Friday, May 05, 2006

A Day in Chaweng

On Monday we hired a taxi to take us into town for a day of shopping. Sadie and Rock chose alternative transportation, scooters! Here they are getting ready to ride their hogs!


We were hungry when we got to town. We stopped at an Indian restaurant and had lunch. While we were sitting there we saw Sadie and Rock drive by on their scooters. They stopped into say hello! They had ran into a rain and were soaking wet!


We did quite a bit of shopping along the main road in Chaweng where there are lots of resorts. There are quite a few of Frangiapani flowers along the streets and they are my favorite!



There were also lots of places that would braidyour hair for very little money. Here is Gemma in the process of being braided. I thought she looked great with the braids.



After Gemma's braids we hit the very popular Chaweng Beach. It was quite a nice beach, but very crowded. Here are some pictures of the kids paddling.



Of course Angus always ends up in the raw!


While we were walking along during the afternoon we found a South African BBQ. We ended up staying in town and having dinner there. Here is a picture of Jonny and the kids with the whole pig they BBQ!


At dinner we met this great couple from England! They sat and entertained Gemma. Here we are with them at the restaurant.


We are having a lovely and relaxing time here in Koh Samui. We plan to come back in the near future. I highly recommend it!!! Thailand is an incredible place with extreme natural beauty! A definitely must see!

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Jill said...

What an incredible vacation you are having. I am soooo jealous. The pictures are beautiful. Angus is getting so big and handsome. Gemma looks super cute with the braids. I didn't realize how much hair she had. What a trooper to sit still for all that time.