Friday, June 02, 2006

Back in Chengdu

We returned from Northern Ireland last Saturday in one piece. We missed our connecting flight in London (Heathrow) and were re-routed through Hong Kong. I would start a rant about Heathrow, but I don't have the energy to type. One suggestion, if you ever go to or through London please talk to me first before you book your tickets, it may save you the headache that we experience almost every time we fly into that joint! It took us an extra 6 hours to get home, but luckily we still got home the same day we were suppose to. I have had a horrible time with jet lag, but Jonny and the kids are doing pretty good. We are trying to get in a better routine here in the Du and I think I have been successful.

Thanks to everyone who sent their kind words, thoughts, and prayers. We really appreciated the support, it meant alot to us. Things are going alright with our family and we look forward to getting back to Northern Ireland again in August.

Gemma, Angus and I will be leaving for the U.S. on July 10th! We are really looking forward to seeing our friends and family!


Maura said...

Welcome Back!

Jill said...

And your friends are definitely looking forward to seeing you and the kids. So glad you are back safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Glad your ordeal is over and I am very curious about your bad experience at Heathrow. Hope we can get together for lunch when you are back in the States in July.

Anonymous said...

i am flying out of heathrow on july 13th and august 5th. any words of advice would be greatly appreciated. you can email me at