Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve morning we headed into Khao Lak to check out the little village. It was probably the nicest little Thai village we have ever seen. There were lots of places to shop and little cafes everywhere. My main goal was to give Jonny his Christmas present. We walked along the sidewalk until we found the IQ-Dive shop. Luckily they had a clown fish sign a.k.a. Nemo because the kids were able to spot the shop a mile away. We walked in and I told Jonny "Merry Christmas". I had signed him up for a 2 day open water diver course so he could get his PADI scuba dive certification. We had tried last Christmas and he loved it, so I thought it would make a perfect gift.

After the gift giving we went to lunch at a small cafe in the village. Here are a couple pictures from our lunch.



Jonny and the kids headed back to the hotel for a nap while I went to the beach for a massage. I had never tried the $8 full body oil massage any time I have been in Thailand, but I have to say I was missing out. I had a fantastic massage that was over and hour and the woman worked out all of my kinks! The greatest part of the massage you could hear the waves crashing into the beach which to me is a very relaxing sound! The smell of sea air and jasmine also added to this most pleasant experience!


The stage for the evening’s entertainment.

We had to begin getting ready for our 7 pm Christmas Eve dinner after my massage. I love to see the interpretation of Christmas through the eye of people who do not celebrate Christmas. You always get very interesting decorations and customs.


Angus and his little Norwegian friend Ella. She was visiting Thailand with 14 other of her family member.


The hotel gave us a package of things to wear, i.e. masks, hats, and all sorts of noise makers. I think they were thinking New Year's Eve. I wonder what they will give out for that evening...


Jonny and the kids.


Angus and Gemma with their noise makers. Gemma was too cool to wear her mask or hat.


Santa arrives on a motorbike! I do believe this to be true in Asia!


He handed out gifts for all the kids. Angus was very happy to claim his gift. Gemma was very hesitant. She told me later that it wasn't really Santa because the beard wasn't real!


I did finally talk (bribe!) Gemma into having their picture with Santa and his helpers.

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