Friday, November 11, 2005

Family Pumpkin Carving and Fall Festival

Before we moved to China I just assumed that there would be no Halloween festivities where we would be living. But I was pleasantly surprised when Gemma's school had a Fall Festival where the kids were able to dress-up in their Halloween costume, play games, and trick or treat. There was a family pumpkin carving contest and Jonny was the carver of our pumpkin. Pumpkins are a little different than at home. They are quite squat and easier to clean out.


Angus and Gemma modeling their pumpkin au naturale!


Jonny carving our family pumpkin.


I didn't tell Jonny there was a contest for the best carved pumpkin until after he carved our pumpkin. He was a little upset and said he would have done a better job if he had known. I purposely didn't tell him because he is such a perfectionist it would have taken a week to carve the the thing.


Gemma wanted to be a princess for Halloween and she wanted to wear pink. I told her she could be Sleeping Beauty and she eagerly agreed. Our driver took us to his wife's tailor and she make this beautiful raw silk gown for Gemma. It was extremely reasonable and turned out gorgeous. (I also had a coat and ball gown made for myself that I will post pictures of soon. It is just fabulous to have clothes tailor made to your body and so reasonably priced!)


Gemma and her classmate Sally. Sally is from Korea and was also Sleeping Beauty.


They did a great job decorating the school and had an area for family pictures.


Sleeping Beauty showing off her shoes.


Princess Angus! As you can see Jonny had to restrain his arms to take this picture. Doesn't he look cute in the crown? This photo is bribery material for when he gets older!


Gemma decorating cookies. Actually it looks like she is decorating her face!


Elton Jonny!

It was a great night out for the family and the school did a great job. I was in charge of the food and I would have to say it was the highlight of the evening. There were tons of tasty dishes! There were these curry and shiitake puffs that were incredible, a scrummy curry, and many other tantalizing tidbits. I made my pumpkin bars and also the pumpkin soup my friend Jill in AZ makes. They both turned out great and were a hit.

Good News, we received our furniture tonight! We now have a couch to sit, a table to eat, and a proper bed to sleep! I will take photo once we decide how to arrange it in our house.


tracy said...

The kids look so cute (not that you and jonny don't) It looks like you guys all had alot of fun. Angus is getting so big!

VeryApeAZ said...

Elton Jonny is a classic. The pumpkins look a bit frightening--short and squat=scary punkin.