Saturday, November 19, 2005

Shanghai Shopping

Yesterday Jonny took they day off and we did quite a bit of shopping. We went to the Xiang Yang Market and took a much more than I did with me and the kids. Jonny loves to haggle with the vendors, however I feel so guilty asking them to cut the price below 50% of what they originally asked. Jonny always goes down to 80% of their original asking price and by the end of it all they seem to agree. I just can't imagine how they make their money, but supposedly China has is making $40 billion a year on knock offs.

After our shopping Jonny had made a reservation for me to have an afternoon of pampering from the very famous Dragonfly spa. I ordered the Emperor's Delight and oh my was it a delight! I had an hour head to toe massage which consisted of a woman massaging my tootsies and my upper body at the same time! Talk about feeling like an Emperor! After that massage I had a Japanese Shiatsu massage, which they described to be more like the deep tissue massage at home. They took me in to a Japanese-styled room and had me lay face down on a mat on the floor. It was divine! They did quite a bit of work with my spine and it did remind me of the massages I have had back in the U.S.

I went back to the hotel and met Jonny and the kids. We decided to take Jonny to the DVD shop to pick up some more DVD's. When we arrived there were tons of people there from every Western destination you could think of. They had a great selection and they even had old television series like Dallas, X-Files, etc.

We decided to take Jonny to the 1221, the Shanghanese restaurant for dinner. We had sweet and sour shrimp (not battered and deep fat fried like at home) over crispy rice, lemon chicken, chili beef, and garliky green beans which was the best Chinese food I have ever had in my life! Jonny was very impressed with our choice and we left fat and happy. I think Gemma single handedly ate the entire plate of lemon chicken.

My Shanghai of the day was Dragonfly!!!

My Shanglow was not having a big enough stomach to eat more food at 1221!

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VeryApeAZ said...

I know this sounds strange, but do they they use the term shanghaied in Shanghai? For example, "I found myself shanghaied on board the USS Cutter after someone spiked my drink."