Sunday, October 01, 2006

Day 45 – Good-bye to our families

Today we had to say good-bye not only to Jonny’s family, but mine too. We headed to Birmingham for Quincy’s wedding while my parents headed back to Nebraska, USA. It was great seeing everyone and being able for both sets of parents to be able to spend time with us at the same time. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again sometime next year.

We had a couple little hitches at the airport, the first was they charged us around $500 US to take our baggage overage on a 45 minute flight and the second was we had to leave Gemma’s princess bag with her Nanny and Papa because it was too big for carry on luggage. The woman at the security was just brutal and even thought it fit in the little box she wouldn’t let us take it because we shoved it into box. I know they were being strict because of the Heathrow scare, but I thought that if it fit in the box no matter if you had to squeeze it or not you could take it through. I don’t know, I could rant for hours about this. I am still planning on writing to BMI and complaining about the baggage overage, it is expensive enough to travel without getting charged the price of 3 tickets for my bags!

We arrived in Birmingham and headed to Lichfield for the wedding preparations. Jonny went to help Quincy with wedding details and we had the pleasure of hanging out in our hotel right off the high street called The George. It was built in the 1700s and has been beautifully kept.

That evening Jonny attended the wedding rehearsal and we waited for the babysitter to arrive, so that I could go out to the post rehearsal dinner. Quincy’s Sister Karen came down to our room and painted Gemma’s nails for her. Of course Karen was a huge hit with Gemma. Unfortunately the babysitter didn’t show, but Ali’s parents graciously invited the kids to go out to their house for the dinner. Ali’s mother put on a delicious spread and the wine was fantastic and much needed for me. We had a lovely evening and it was a pleasure to meet Ali, her family and friends.

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Cathy Colgan said...

kim, i love your is so interesting. actually dick and i are planning a big trip somewhere and this is looking good. it would be fun to visit while you and johnny and there. i don't get how to email you so i thought i'd try this. we enjoyed seeing you and the children at kelly's home. the children are beautiful and what a fun mom they have.

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