Thursday, November 16, 2006

The End of Jeanette's Trip to PRC


We had a lovely time hosting Jeanette here in Chengdu and I hope that she enjoyed herself. I know it was definitely a cultural experience of a lifetime and not exactly for the unadventurous types. I have a few photos of our tour of one of the Daoist temples called Qing Yang Gong. Daoism is based on having balance in one's life. Feng Shui is based on Daoism teachings and that is where we get the Ying and Yang.



This is probably my most favorite picture I have ever taken. I think I will get it blown up. When I asked this man if Gemma could have a picture with him he sat up so proud and posed for us. Gemma was really intrigued by this interesting and very cute old man.



Jeanette's with a Daoist monk.


(Here is my first attempt of posting video!)

Inside the temple was a shop with Chinese musical instruments. Here is a girl playing the Chinese piano.

After our trip to the temple we took a trip to my favorite market for Jeanette to buy some gifts for her friends back in the U.S.


Here some locals enjoying a game of mah jong. You see people playing this game all over Chengdu.


A cute little baby boy not very happy with me.


Gemma always give the girls a hand with their work when she is at the market. She is either trying to bargain for jewelry or trying to sell things. I think she is trying to make a necklace here.


Gemma observing a card game. This is probably the 2nd most favorite game for the locals.

We hope that you enjoyed our pictures of Jeanette's trip and I hope they encourage you to visit us! We already have about 5 people signed up for next year, but would love to have more people.

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Jill said...

I love, love, love the picture of Miss Gemma with the proud old man. It is so sweet. I love that she is playing with her belly button. Great job on the video. I am very impressed.