Saturday, November 04, 2006

Marine Ball


I am still very far behind in my posting and I feel like I really need to catch up because I have some great pictures of the last few days Jeanette was visiting us and also many great photos of our amazing trip to Cambodia. I thought though I should post something from the present since everything I have been posting is about a month or so behind. Last Saturday we attended the 2nd Annual Chengdu Marine Corps Ball. It is our one chance a year in Chengdu to get gussied up. Here is a picture of us before the ball.


We went over to the Briggs house for a glass of wine before we headed to the ball. Here are some photos of a few friends of ours.

We went to the ball last year and it was kind of a snooze. This year it was a whole lot better. The Marines that are here in Chengdu right now are very involved in the community. A couple of the guys play rugby and coach soccer with Jonny and they are also very active in volunteering at Gemma's school. I think knowing the guys a lot better made all the difference in the world for a fun evening. Here are a few more pictures of our evening.


Here is the Chengdu Black and White Ladies Rugby Team. We have our first game against Guangzhou on the 26th of November. I know, I know not too smart to start playing rugby at 36 years of age!


We were all able to have our pictures taken with the Marines. Jonny went up and grabbed the Gunny Sergeant's ass for this pictures hence the surprised look on his face!


Here are the Chengdu Black and White men's rugby team with the Marines.


Here we are the girls with the Marines.


Jill said...

Great pictures. You look gorgeous as always. And Jonny looks good too. Keep us all posted on your first Rugby game (and your injuries)...

potusol said...

You guys all look so great. : )

Mel said...

Your dress is gorgeous and that is a great color for you.

Cacti to Cornfields said...

You guys looks great... per usual! I'm glad to see that your lovely Asian glow hasn't faded while living abroad! :-)

Maura said...

looking good girl!