Saturday, May 03, 2008

Last Night in Kota Kinabalu


Gemma excited for the party!

On our last night of our vacation Gemma attended the Kid's Club party and Angus had a babysitter in the room so we could have a peaceful dinner together.


Jonny posing.


Jonny and I went to the Sunset Bar to watch the sunset. We were not disappointed and had a beautiful view. We also ran into the new friends we met who also opted for the kids club party and babysitter for their two sets of twins.

Jonny and I had a very nice dinner in the Italian restaurant in the hotel which I wished we had tried before our last night. We went to pick Gemma up around 10 pm and this is what was going on when we arrived.


Gemma having a ball!

When we went to pick Gemma up they had a magician and the kids were not fooled by him, but they were having a blast trying to figure out his tricks.

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