Friday, May 02, 2008

Snorkeling on Manukan Island


A view of the beach on Manukan Island.

We took a 10 minute shuttle boat over to the small island of Manukan for some snorkeling and lunch. We were hoping to get the kids used to snorkeling on this trip and also get sometime in ourselves. Here are some pictures from our day on the island.


Lunch was too tempting for us. They had a huge BBQ with tons of seafood and of course we couldn't resist. Here is the BBQ station.


There were a couple of gorgeous cats hanging around the BBQ station and the kids were intrigued by them.



Gemma and me at lunch.


Angus loving his special treat of Sprite!


Now for the exciting part! Gemma was able to over come her fear of snorkeling! We were all over the moon! Here she is looking for fish with her Daddy.


She looks like a real pro here!


Angus was happy enough to hang out on the beach and play in the sand and in this kayak. He would have been fine with the snorkeling, but his mask was too big for him and water kept getting in his eyes.


On the boat on the way back to the resort. We had a great time snorkeling and can't wait to get the kids in the water again.


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Tiffany Noone said...

Kim and Jonny,

I keep check on you guys to see if you post about being OK. We are worried about you with the recent earthquake. Hope everything is OK.

Tiffany & Marty Noone