Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Flight from Beijing to Tokyo

We had a rough flight from Beijing to Tokyo. Gemma screamed and cried the entire way complaining of ear pain. When we were landing she started puking. I think she was in so much pain she finally just threw up. She eventually got relief when we hopped a bus from the Narita Airport to the apartment we rented. It was an hour and ten minute ride, so she was able to sleep. She woke up for a little while and seemed to be doing much better. When she woke up Sunday morning she was good as new.

We fly quite often and this was the 2nd time this had happened. She was completely fine during flights over the summer and I had refrained from giving her Dramamine and carrying Tylenol with me on trips. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

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Creative Genius? said...

Hey Kim, It's Alison from AZ.....

Michael (my hubbie) had HORRIBLE sinus issues that gave him terrible pain (in the form of headaches) when he flew. And I mean terrible pain. It was paralyzing of sorts. He would be better when the plane came in for a landing and the pressure wasn't so bad. He had surgery for it and it's better now (the surgery cleaned out and widened his sinus passages - yeah not fun but at least it worked).

Now I'm not saying this is what is causing Gemma's ear pain - but the ear/nose/throat are all connected - so who knows?

Figured I'd give you a little info from our issue which is better than nothing! I do hope you figure it out as I hate to see anyone in pain - especially cutie pie Gemma!

:-) AL

PS - in SCUBA diving we hold our nose and blow (while under water) to clear our ears from the pressure. We have also found this works well on airplanes too for the pressure - maybe try that with her OR get her some swimmer's ear ear plugs for the pressure (they make them for divers too)... I'll keep thinking for you!