Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tokyo Disney, the rainy version!


Jonny and the kids at the entrance of Tokyo Disney.

On Monday we had planned to take the kids to the 'Happiest Place on Earth!', unfortunately we looked at the forecast and it looked like the typhoon from Taiwan was heading our way in the form of a tropical storm and we were going to be rained out. We decided that since it was going to rain the remainder of our time in Tokyo we might as well give Tokyo Disney a chance besides, there would probably not be that many people there, right? WRONG!!!

We arrived at 11 am and it was sprinkling heavily. We had 3 umbrellas and the kids had their rain jackets on. We really thought there would be less people visiting the park today, but much to our surprise there were long lines and when we tried to get a fast pass at 11 am it told us to come back at 8:20 pm! We decided to make a go of it though as this would be our only chance to experience Tokyo Disney.


This park is almost exactly the way I remember Disneyland in Anaheim. Here is Walt and Mickey. Notice the park is all decked out for Halloween! I think the Japanese are just as mad about Halloween as we were in the America!


The Castle


I really loved all of the Halloween stuff! We just don't get a ton of stuff in Chengdu for Halloween, so this was a special treat!


The kids and me posing in the rain. Notice Angus and I are sporting our new rain coats. Angus was not happy about it at all!


Jonny and Gemma on one of the rides.


Toon Town decked out for Halloween.


Gemma and Angus posing with some of the Halloween decor.


The Toon Town was exactly like I remember it from Disneyland. I have a picture of Gemma when she was 2 in the same jail.


Here she is!


Angus really didn't mind the rain! It was his first trip to Disney and he was all about seeing Mickey Mouse!


We were able to get dry on the carousel.


Jonny and Gemma enjoying the carousel.


Next we were off the It's a Small World! Here is Scotland...


and Ireland....


and Vietnam...


and Japan...


and Africa.


Then we were off to Alice's Tea Party.


Lots of tea cups!


The kids and me in the cup.


Jonny and the kids in the cup.


We were in motion and Jonny took this picture. I love the expressions on their faces! Of course my face was probably very green as this was my least favorite ride.


I found this picture of Gemma in the teacup with Jonny and my Grandpa when she was 2.


We needed to get out of the rain so we went to have an early dinner in the Queen of Hearts restaurant. We actually sat inside in the warm to dry out for over a hour.


Then we decided to wait for 140 minutes to go into the Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday Haunted House.


I know, I am a bit over the top with the Halloween pictures, but you can imagine how I feel living in a country that hasn't caught on to the concept of Halloween yet!



Jack and Sally



Santa Jack


It was a really cool haunted house and not too scary for the kids.


The normal parade was cancelled due to in climate weather, which was an under statement! They did have a little something for us though and Angus was finally able to see Mickey Mouse!


We also went to a 4-D movie which was a bit stressful. I have gone to three 4-D movies in my life and I don't think I will go to anymore. I hate when things run under your chair! I loved this picture of Gemma in her 4-D glasses though. She maintains this smile through the entire rainy day!


Our last ride was the one we had the fast pass for which was a Buzz Lightyear ride which Jonny and Angus loved!


We walked out of the park at 10 pm, which was their official closing time.


Angus didn't even make it to the train! He was out for the count after we walked out of the exit and slept on Jonny's shoulders all the way to the train station which was about a half a mile walk.

Despite the rain we still managed to have a great time. I think it would take a lot to keep the Dallas children down, they are super troupers! As for Mom and Dad that may be questionable, but we put on our brave rain faces!


caroline said...

absolutely brilliant show of your day at Disneyland. Thank you for sharing it with us love Sid and Caroline xx

Jamie said...

Love the pictures! Jason and I had a lot of fun looking at them and seeing how much the kids have grown!