Monday, December 22, 2008

Our First Day in New Zealand

We had a good nights sleep and we were all up relatively early for breakfast. We had decided the night before to have kind of an easy day of exploring the beach town of Raglan. Raglan is known for its surfing and its quaint little town. Unfortunately I forgot the memory card in my camera and the only pictures I have of this lovely little town are on a little disposable camera that will be developed sometime when we return to Chengdu. We had a fabulous day having a coffee in one of the many little coffee shops, looking around the little shops, having a lunch by the sea and watching the surfers surf.

On our way back to Hamilton we stopped at Bridal Veil's Fall which was also a nice little walk and gorgeous scenery.

I have already charged my batteries and put in the memory card into my camera, so I hope to have pictures to post of our adventure tomorrow. We are heading down to Waitomo Caves to check out the glow worms.

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