Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Trip to New Zealand

I have not had a chance to blog or catch up with my blog like I would have liked to this past few months, but once again I will make a New Year's resolution to try and keep up! I really enjoying blogging, but it is always the first thing to go when I feel overwhelmed with other things in my life. I thought I would start my resolution early by blogging about our Christmas Trip to New Zealand.

We left on Saturday afternoon for Hong Kong and wait for our flight to Auckland. After a 10 hour flight and a little over hours drive to Hamilton we arrived at our hotel and quickly called our friends Mark and Lily, who we had come to visit.

They came over to our hotel where we had a few drinks and caught up with the latest news from Chengdu. We then went out to get a few groceries and back to the hotel for some take away Indian food. It was a great way to start our Christmas Holidays!

Here are a few pictures of Mark and Lily:



Tomorrow we are heading to Raglan beach to watch the surfers and play on the beach. I hope to get some great photos tomorrow!

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