Sunday, January 22, 2006

Day 1 – Arrive in Brisbane

Whoopee!!! We arrived in Brisbane yesterday morning at 10 am. After a 5 hour flight from Chengdu to Singapore and an 8 hour flight to Brisbane we all made it in one piece. Angus, who was still a bit under the weather and decided that this would be the greatest time to start cutting a few molars, was not in the best of form on either flight. We all managed to sleep most of our red eye flight to Brisbane, so we were in pretty good form when we stepped off the plane.

It was so nice to arrive to a very clean airport with extremely friendly and patient staff. We made it through customs no problem and grabbed our bags and headed to our hotel. We were fortunate to discover Brisbane a couple years ago while traveling on Jonny’s sabbatical from work. The reason we decided to come to Brisbane again was that it is such a family friendly city. We decided to stay on the South Bank area of Brisbane this time around because of all of the man made beaches and things for kids to do. We are staying at a new apartment/hotel that just opened this past Monday called the Saville. It is right across the street from the South Bank all of the fun activities. It is very modern and has a full kitchen with laundry.

After checking in to the hotel we spent our day just walking around Brisbane and eating the marvelous food. After living in China for the past 4 months I forgot how much selection of food there is in the Western world! It is food heaven! I am sure they will just roll me off the plane at the end of this vacation. There is also some of the best wine in the world here in Australia. I have already managed to sample a couple different Sauvignon Blanc wines and they both were excellent!

Today we are going to go for a family run and then hit the South Bank Parklands for lots of swimming and hopefully lots of sun!


rebecca said...

I am always amazed at your seemingly endless energy! You handle all this travelling with such grace -- I would be a complete basket case. Hope the rest of your trip goes well!

Anonymous said...

So glad you made it to Australia without any major trouble. Enjoy the food while you are there. I can't wait to see some pictures of you enjoying the great weather. Have fun.

Annie said...

Hi Kim.. great that you guys all arrived in Australia safe and sound !:-D Brisbane is very beautiful and always seems to have blue sky ! Right now there is a calendar sent by a friend in Brisbane hanging in my bedroom displaying Brisbane's beaches and beautiful sunshine. I really envy you ! Have a wonderful time there and say hi to Jonny and Gemma gong zhu and Angus the shi tou xing xing. :-)

photogmichelle said...

I can't believe you manage to do all of these wonderful things with kids in tow. I haven't managed even a short trip with the boys yet. Can't wait to here more about the wonderful trip to Australia.