Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Day 4 - Brisbane

Yesterday we got up late and went on a run. It was really hot, but there was a cool breeze coming off the river. There was also heavy with humidity air, which made my skin feel nice and hydrated.


After our run we took a long walk to a trendy shopping area that ended up being not so trendy. We had lunch at a little Indian restaurant, which was delicious and started our trek back to the South Bank.


Brisbane River



We decided that the walk and heat were too much for us, so we hopped on one of the city ferries that take you across the river. I would imagine it would be so cool to live in a city with such great public transport where you could choose between bus and ferry. The kids loved the boat ride and we loved getting out of the heat.


We went back to the hotel room and got changed to go swimming. We headed over to the Parklands for a dip. It was the perfect time of day because the sun was just going down and it wasn’t very crowded. Gemma managed to make some new friends while we were there. Gemma’s new friend Gabby invited her to her birthday party in May, so I guess we will be back in May. (I wish!!!) Australians are the nicest people and would talk to anyone. Talk about feeling welcome in a foreign land.

Today we are preparing to leave for Byron Bay, which is located in the northern part of New South Wales. We are going to stay with Jonny’s cousin Janet, her husband Simon, and two girls Jessica and Susie, who immigrated to Australia from England a couple years ago. We are really looking forward to our visit. The last time we saw them was when Jessica was Angus’ age when they visited us in Arizona. What we have read and heard about Byron Bay it is a hippy skippy town with lots of new age types. Should be right up our alley!


Jill said...

Take lots of pictures of Byron Bay. Can't wait to hear what you all are up to next!

Nate Dogg said...

Reading your post makes me want to go back to Australia! If you have time you should take a train to Gold Coast and check out the great amusement parks they have there.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are blogging again. I love reading about your adventures and Skyler and I really enjoy the pictures. We wish Gemma a slightly belated Happy Birthday.
Melissa & Skyler

Tracy said...

Looks like you all are having a great time. It looks beautiful!! I can't wait to go someday.