Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Day 3 Brisbane and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Today was our big trip to the koala sanctuary. We visited this sanctuary a little over 2 years ago and we thought it was so fantastic that we thought we would try it again. We were not disappointed in what we found. There were a few new things like quite a few more emus, a sheep herding dog demonstration, and lots and lots more koala bears. The great thing about Lone Pine was the opportunity to interact with the animals.


Angus and Gemma enjoying the koalas.


We started off our tour by checking out the native birds of Australia. We saw lots of lorikeets, parrots, kookaburras, and beautiful, white cockatoos. We head to the other side of the sanctuary to check out the newly added sheep herding demonstration.



Angus and Jonny enjoying the sheep herding. True Irish men!

They had two different kids of dogs, Border Collies and Australian Kelpies.


Here is a Kelpie taking a rest on the herded sheep.


Border Collie


The Border Collies cooling off after their herding.


Jonny, the sheep herder, Kelpies and sheep.

Both dogs were extremely intelligent and could make the sheep do anything. The funny part of the demonstration was that I didn't realized that the dogs actually hop on top of the sheep to get them to move. Here is a photo of one of the kelpies just laying on the sheep.

After the herding demonstration we headed over to have lunch. During lunch we were visited by a few different animals.


A very healthy lizard.

There was a lizard who looked like he was ready to explode from all the food he had eaten and several brush turkeys who kept trying to fight the lizard for Angus food droppings.



After lunch we had to have our family picture with the koala. The picture taken turned out fairly well and I had the pleasure of holding the bear. They are extremely soft, but they donĂ‚’t like to be handled very much so it was a quick cuddle. I guess it might have something to do with them being nocturnal.




We wanted to learn more about thkangaroosos and wallabies, so we went to a discussion on the marsupials of the sanctuary.




We were able to hand out with the wallabies and kangaroos. They were all so gentle and eager for us to feed or scratch them behind the ears. We also noticed that there were quite a few kangaroos in season. I could actually post quite a few x-rated pictures of kangaroos, but I decided to keep it clean.

We had a great day and head back into town. I was lucky enough to get a much needed pedicure while Jonny took the kids people watching. Tomorrow we donĂ‚’t have too much planned. We are going to run the river, take the kids swimming, head to a trendy shopping area and hopefully more fabulous food!


Meegan Blue said...

So glad that you're back blogging, and having a great time in Brisbane. I missed reading about your adventures. You all look fantastic! I can't believe how much Gemma and Angus are growing! Love to all of you...xoxo

potusol said...

What great pictures. I can't believe how big the kids are getting. And don't be shy with the kangaroo photos. In fact you should make a whole post about it. : )

VeryApeAZ said...

You have no idea how jealous I am of you. When I was a wee lad (6 or so), someone bought me a book on Australia. I thought it was the most interesting place on earth. I wanted to become a zoologist and hang out with the animals. Now I hang out with a different kind of animal.

Enjoy your trip! It looks like so much fun.

Maura said...

Great to have you back blogging. I missed you. I love the pictures! Hi to Jonny, Gemma and Angus. Is Gemma's hair getting darker?

Jill said...

What a great experience for the kids. Landon wants to know why he isn't in the pictures with the kangaroos. He seems to think you are at the Phoenix Zoo. Silly kid. Hey, I want to see the xrated kangaroo shots! Keep the pics coming!