Thursday, August 03, 2006

Day 20: Girls Night Out

The last Saturday we had breakfast plans with our friends Dan and Madeline. I had the good fortune of seeing Dan this past fall in Chengdu, so it was really great to see him and catch with everything that had gone on between then and now. What I didn't know until our email exchange was they had had a new baby less than 3 month prior to our breakfast meeting, so it was a great chance to meet their new addition.


Madeline and Liliane


Dan and Angus


All of us

We had a lovely breakfast and it was so great to catch up with them. I hope that Dan will make it over to Chengdu in the next year, so we can give him more of a tour of our city. I also found out that Madeline Dan's wife has read both my old blog and my China blog in full. I have really been impressed on this trip on how many people actually read my blog. I didn't realize I had so many people read it. I really appreciate everyone's interest as I really enjoying writing it.

Saturday night we had a nice girl's night out for dinner, shopping and a little hookah smoking. We started off at my most favorite Chandler eatery, Cyclo. If you haven't been to this most delicious place, you are definitely missing out. Here is a photo of the girls out at dinner.


After dinner we headed out to do a little shopping and then on to Sinbad's for some hookah smoking. I have never smoked a hookah before, but it was quite tasty. From what I was told by my hookah smoking friends is that their is very little nicotine in the hookah tobacco and they come in all types of desserty flavors. We opted for the fruit cocktail flavor and it was quite delicious. I thought it would be like smoking a cigarette, but not at all. It was very mild and tasty.


Pam, Annette, Me, Tracy, Jill and Jeanette


The Hookah


Pam and Annette enjoying the hookah.


Tracy and her hookah


Jill and her hookah


There was also some great belly dancers. I have to say they were way better than the belly dancer at Tandoor in Chengdu (I think my China friends will understand). We had a great night and I am really going to miss my girls now that I am gone. There is nothing like old friends! Love you girls!


Tracy said...

I had alot of fun going out with you when you were here. Thanks for a great dinner I will be going back. Have alot of fun in Nebraska and Ireland.

Miss You~Tracy

Dan and Madeline said...

Kim, it was fabulous to see you and the kids! Gemma was a star, entertaining Liliane during most of the breakfast. Angus was very lively and darling. I feel a need to share Gemma's comments with other readers. Liliane was seated between Gemma and me. Gemma earnestly asked me who had cut Liliane's hair. I explained to her that no one had cut Liliane's hair because Liliane had been born without a lot of hair. I told her that it needed time to grow in. I then asked Gemma if she had been born with hair. She replied, "No, I was born without hair like my daddy." Hope you continue to have safe travels. Enjoy Nebraska and, if you think about it and have the opportunity, have a Busch Lite on draft for me. I developed a taste for it while at school in Iowa - those Big 10 $1 pitchers...

Jill said...

we miss and love you too Kim. It's a little quiet in AZ since you left. Peyton cried for a good 10 minutes after we took you to the airport. We enjoyed your visit so much and it flew by. Looking forward to pictures from Nebraska and Ireland.