Friday, August 04, 2006

Day 21- 23: Our last few days in Arizona

After our fairly calm Girl's Night Out on Saturday we had a fairly relaxing Sunday. We met the Barkats for lunch and spent the evening with the Galloways.

On Monday I went to the gym for my last work-out at my very nice and plush gym. I am going to miss it so much. It gave me a nice break from the kids, but it was such a nice relaxing and clean environment it really helped motivate me to work-out. After our work-out Annette and I had Michelle come and watch the kids while we had a fabulous lunch at my favorite place to eat in Phoenix, Postino. We had their bruchetta and then split a salad. I think it was one of the best salads that I have ever had there. After our fab lunch we went to Scottsdale to do a little last minute shopping before I head out to Nebraska. The shopping was good and the mall keeps evolving. I have never been a big Scottsdale shopper, but the mall seems to have everything now.


Annette, Me and Angus


Ella, Angus, and Gemma


Annette and Ella with the kids

Monday night we had dinner and then a few of our friends stopped by to say good-bye. It was nice to see everyone one last time before we took off. It is just so hard for me to believe that I won't get to see my friends for another year. Who knows, maybe we will be back before next June???

Tuesday I set out with the kids to do some last minute errands. We went over to the house to have a new window installed in our kitchen and took a dip in the pool. We also were able to spend time with our dog Clark. After our errands we went back to Casa Galloway to finish our last minute packing. We met Jill at our storage facility and parked the van. I am actually not really into cars, to me there are just something to get you from point a to point b, but I am really going to miss driving my mini-van.

Jill and her kids took us to the airport and it was a very tearful good-bye. I am really going to miss my girlfriends. There is just something so comforting about old friends.

Until next year Arizona....


Jill said...

After talking to you about Postino's and hearing about your lunch, I need to get there more often. So glad you enjoyed your visits with everyone. I was very sad to see you go. Boo hoo.

Kelly S said...

I'm bummed I missed the send off and girls night out. Hope you get to come back again soon, maybe even before next summer, although I need to improve my drinking skills before you come back again.