Monday, August 07, 2006

Day 25-27: Fun in the sun and old friends


Isaac, Angus and Gemma at the Ronin Pool in Fremont.

Friday my parents both had to work, so it was me, my nephew Isaac and my to kids for the day. I decided we needed to head to town to go swimming at one of the public pools I used to frequent as a kid. We stopped in to see my Mom at work and she just happen to ask where I was taking the kids swimming. I told her the Memorial Pool and she then went to tell me it is now an ice skating rink! I was so disappointed as I had visions of taking Gemma and Angus swimming there like I used to do, but luckily they still had the Ronin Pool. I took the kids swimming and my Arizona babies didn't really like the cool water, but after a while it was quite refreshing and they got used to it. We had a nice time splashing around and I was quite impressed with the condition of the pool after all these years! I don't think I have been there for over 25 years!

Friday night I went to meet my girlfriend from high school, Paula. Paula is my oldest friend, we have known each other since we were 6 years old and she was my maid of honor in our wedding. We went to the same college and she even lived up in Minneapolis a summer with me. After all these years, me living far away and her the successful career woman we were able to pick up where we left off last. Paula wanted to head out for the evening sans husband and child. Paula had her first baby, Cassie about 2 weeks after Angus was born. I was able to meet Miss Cassie and she looks just like her mom.

I think the funniest thing Paula said Friday evening was when we headed into a bar and it ended up being kind of smoky and crowded she said to me "It's kind of an older crowd.". I looked at the people in the bar and I said to Paula "Um, they don't look any older than we do!" We both got a good laugh out of that. I guess we are now the older crowd!


Me and Paula at the Marquee

We settled at a new martini bar in Omaha called the Marquee. It was quite trendy looking place with comfy seating. We also had the pleasure of meeting up with our dear friend Brian. Brian is one of my closest friends from my days in Minneapolis. Brian and I went to college together, but were just acquaintances and then we ran into each other in Minneapolis and became the best of friends. Brian even moved down to Phoenix for a few years and hung out with us. Brian now lives in Kansas City and came up to see me and the kids for the week-end.


Brian, Me and Paula


Brian and Me

It was great catching up with Paula and Brian. We made plans for the rest of the week-end and headed home.

Saturday the kids were begging to go swimming in the lake. My mom, me and the kids got suited up and my dad sat on his beach chair with his sun umbrella and watched us and took tons of pictures. The kids had a ball and Angus was not one bit scared of the lake water.


Angus walked from the shore to this depth. Notice the top of his head! What a crazy kid!


Here we are enjoying the water.


There were quite a few boats on the lake, so the kids felt like they were in the ocean with all the waves.


After splashing for a while we took a break and enjoyed the coolness of the water.

That evening my sister had a few friends over and BBQ. I invited Brian down to see Gemma and meet Angus for the first time. We had a nice time chatting and eating. I think the burger I had was the best burger I have ever eaten. My brother-in-law Will can really grill a mean burger!


Here is Angus enjoying his dessert!


Brian and the kids

After dinner Brian and I headed out to Omaha to go to the Cox Classic 19th hole party. We picked up Paula and met one of Brian's sisters at the tent. There were hundreds of people there and we all made a bet that the first person who saw someone we went to college with would win. We were there until the end of the night and we saw no one we went to college with, so needless to say we were all feeling a bit old. I did however run into to two of my 30 year-old sister Becky's classmates who recognized me, but I had no clue who they were. I think that was good thing, but I am not quite sure...

Today I went into to Omaha to Brian's sister's house to see the Colgan Clan. I had forgotten to give Brian his gift from China and it was a great opportunity to see Brian's parents, sisters, brother-in-laws, and nieces. Brian's niece Anna is 3 and Gemma and Angus had a ball playing with her while I got caught up with the Colgans. It is always such a pleasure to be around the Colgan family, they really remind me of Jonny's family with there stories of the days when the kids were little and their great sense of humor.


Anna and Gemma

After the Colgan's I took the kids to do a little shopping. I needed yet another suitcase, so I decided to head to T.J. Maxx. I have to sing the praises of T.J. Maxx because they always have great luggage at discounted prices and they have my favorite work-out apparel for much cheaper than I would pay at Nordstrom. I was even able to score a matching piece of Samsonite luggage to the piece I bough at the T.J. Maxx in Arizona.

After my very successful trip to T.J. Maxx we headed over to my brother's new house in LaVista. I have never been to LaVista before, but I was able to find their new abode with no problems. We were really excited to see them because they also have a new addition to their family that we haven't met. Gabe was a year in June and he is adorable! I was telling my parent's tonight that Aiden, Gabe, and Angus will be quite the lady killers when they get older. They are all going to be gorgeous boys! We only stayed for an hour or so because my brother had to go to work and the kids were needing dinner.


Gabe and Angus


Gabe saying "cheez" for the camera. He is such a cutie and quite the bruiser! We look forward to seeing them all again on Tuesday!


Tracy said...

Looks like you all are having a great time!! The Lake looks like alot of fun. It reminds me of Coeur d'alene area looking at the pics.

Actions and Consequences said...

You're kids are so flippan cute! If you have another one, can I have it?

Maura said...

Glad you're having fun in NE. Good to see pics of ol' Brian. He hasn't changed a bit.