Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Clark's New Home In China


Our beloved dog Clark, who has been living in the U.S. away from us for the past 18 months has finally made it to China. We were lucky enough to be able to bring him back with us this trip due to the weather not being over 85 degrees in Arizona (Although it has already hit 99 degrees this spring!). Clark was a trooper! He made it all the way from Phoenix to Beijing without having an accident in his kennel! I couldn't believe that he could make it that long, but he did. I got him outside in Beijing as soon as I could, but there were great places to go to the bathrooms as it was all cement, but he was able to find a spot.


When we left AZ Angus was just 9 month old and just a little blob that never bothered Clark. Now Angus is a ball of energy ready to rugby tackle his poor old dog at all times! Even though I think Clark gets quite annoyed with Angus he does really like him. Who else would feed him table scraps and has a bed low enough for him to jump on??


Here are the tired boys settling in for the night.

We are all very happy to be reunited with Clark. We feel like our family is now complete here and that we are at home. I feel like we have missed so much being apart from him. He has definitely aged quite a bit (he will be 12 years old next month!) and really enjoys sleeping the majority of the day. He really loves the attention he has been getting here. Our ayi and driver love him and are always petting him. My ayi also thinks that Clark needs to have several showers a week, a habit that I think I have broke.


mcullop said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so happy that Clark is there with you guys! That just made my day. =)

P.S. Angus' sheets are really cute!

Miss you~

Jill said...

Looks like Jonny has found a great costume for life. That is hilarious! Does he leave the boots on for sex? ha ha. Clark looks right at home in China. Miss you tons....

Anonymous said...

wow! is Clark 12 years old now? Glad he was able to travel so well. You must have been very concerned since we hear so many negative stories about dogs traveling on aeroplanes. Glad he made the trip and I hope you have many more years of companionship with him.