Thursday, March 29, 2007

We're Off!

This morning Jonny left for his trip the the Hong Kong for the famous Hong Kong 7's Rugby Tournament. He was very happy about his trip all by himself to see his other lover, rugby! The kids and I decided that we would not stick around by ourselves all week-end, so we are heading to Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow afternoon for a few days.We are looking forward to eating lots of Thai food and doing a bunch of market shopping.

On Monday we are heading to Malaysia to meet Jonny for the week. Unfortunately Jonny has to work the whole week, but me and the kids will be enjoying ourselves in the sun and on the beach while he works. I have been quite ill this week, so I definitely need a dose of sunshine and surf. I hope to post quite a bit while we are away!


mcullop said...

Cool! Send pictures of Malaysia!

Tracy said...

Have a great trip you World Travelers!!!