Monday, March 12, 2007

Jeanette's Baby Shower


On the day before we left to go back to Chengdu, I had the privilege to attend my friend Jeanette's baby shower. Her friends Natalie, Jill and Tracy threw an absolutely lovely party! The food was great, the decorations were nice and it was great to see most of my friends in attendance. Jeanette is due to have her baby girl sometime in April. She has already selected a name, Ava, which I think is such an elegant name. Here she is glowing with her neat little belly!


I really thought Natalie did a great job decorating! My favorite were the Valentine's Day M&Ms sans the red ones.


Our friends Nancy and Jen were in attendance. They are also due very close to Jeanette. So there will be four new babies in our book club this year! (Kathleen delivered about 8 weeks ago.)

Jeanette made out like a bandit in the gifts department. She received some really nice gifts. It is very interesting to see how baby items have evolved since I had Gemma and even Angus. They are always changing things trying to make them nicer and easier for the new mom to use. I gave Jeanette a hooded towel and baby shoes from China. I always loved the hooded towel. I bought Gemma and Angus towels from the Portland Saturday Market and they both still use them every time they have a shower or bath. Another gift that Jeanette received was a gorgeous blanket, blanket made by our friend Jill. She recently started her own business making baby booties, burp clothes, blankies, and blankets. She also sewed Jeanette a card with Ava's name on the front. If you are interested in her products check them out at Jeanette's blanket is under the "Blankets" link.


Here is a picture of Jeanette with two of the hostesses, Tracy and Jill.


All of the pregnant bellies together! Melissa, Jeanette, Jen and Nancy are all due within weeks of each other.

I will be patiently awaiting the phone calls next month! I am very excited to see Jeanette as a mother! She will do a fantastic job!


Tracy said...

If I don't say so myself it was a nice shower! Jeanette looked great. So glad you were in town and able to make it to the shower.

Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to join us for the shower. I looked at the link for the blanket and that girl is talented. Everyone should order from her since she has three kids and they surely must cost a fortune. I love all of her things and hope everyone orders soon....