Thursday, April 19, 2007

Golden Sands

After our trip to the beach on Wednesday we decided that we would change hotels for the week-end. The hotel we were staying at was really for business travelers and there was no fun to be had by the kiddos (or for the Mom for that matter). We decided to go stay on the beach at the Shangri-la Golden Sands. We wanted a place where we could stay the entire week-end and not leave and this was the perfect haven for a family with two kids.

The hotel was really great, they let us check in at 10 am on Friday, so the kids and I spent the entire day at the pool. Here the kids are being silly at lunch.


The other great thing about this place is that they had a Kid's Club free of charge for kids 4-12. Gemma really wanted to go to the Kid's Club and Angus was in dire need of a nap. After Angus woke up we headed out to the pool until about 7 pm in the evening. Jonny returned to the hotel shortly after that and we went to dinner at one of the hotel's restaurants called Sigi's by the Sea. The food was really great and there was a great representation from all over the world.

The next day it was pool time again, but this time with Daddy! We all were in for the first couple hours, but Jonny gave me a break and went swimming with the kids and let me read my book. (I read "Three Junes" by Julia Glass and I absolutely love it!) We had lunch by the pool and then Gemma insisted on going back to the Kid's Club. Jonny and Angus went up for a nap and I kept reading. After nap time we swam some more and headed out for a walk on the beach.


Here I am with the kids.


Jonny with the kids.

We had a nice time away from Chengdu and it was nice to get a bit of color. We are looking forward to quite a bit of traveling the month of May! Stay tuned!

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tracy said...

Looks like a beautiful beach. Wish I could be on the beach right now, you guys are so lucky!!!