Monday, April 30, 2007

Zaijian Rock, Elvis Style!


This past Monday evening (yes, I know Monday is not exactly a party night, but it was the day before a big holiday in China) we celebrated Chinese Labor Day and the departure of our friend Rock Hardgrove who will be moving to Dalian, China in about a week. The Shamrock threw a farewell party with an Elvis theme and as you can see Jonny was a willing participant.


Probably the most humorous part of the evening was when we left our house and tried to find a taxi or rickshaw to take us to the Shamrock. The looks that Jonny got were priceless! We were able to flag down a rickshaw and we headed to the party. Here is Jonny with our driver.

The costumes actually have dual purposes. Both the men's and women's rugby teams have tournaments coming up in the next few weeks, so the teams like to pick a theme and dress up for the plane ride or for the evening out following the match.

Here are some snapshots of the Elvi from the evening.


Our guest of honor, the King of "Rock" 'n Roll!


English Chris looking a bit more like Elton John than the King!


Our beautiful female Elvis and hostess Isabel Deng!


Jonny with our friend Leslie, who looked a little bit more like "Goldmember" than Elvis.


Penny looking very hot in her costume!


Jussi, the tallest Elvis in the house standing a little over 2 meters!


The two winners from the evening. Pedro, who one the best lip-sync contest and Andy who won the best costume contest.


Mike in the very best colored costume of the evening. I might have to borrow this....


Is it a bird or a plane? No, No, it's, it's............Elvis Kneviel!!!!


Lily, Jonny and me in my outfit. The girls had Poodle skirts made, but with a panda on them. Unfortunately mine is more of a teddy bear, but it turned out very cute!


The guys!


Jill said...

You all look like you are having so much fun. I wish we had more parties like that in the U.S. instead of feeling like you have to wear $200 would allow everyone to not take themselves too seriously.

Tracy said...

Those elvis costumes cracked me up! Tell Jonny he looked great.