Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Gemma!!!

Our baby girl turn 6 almost two weeks ago! I can't even believe that is possible for her to be that old! Of course we had to have a party! She asked if she could have a slumber party and we said 'Why not?'. So we invited every girl in her class which was a total of 11 girls and we had 6 spend the night.


Her friend Zoe came over right after school and they had a pre-party playdate and included Angus in on the fun!

Here are some photos of the crazy night!


Zoe close-up!


Systke close-up!


Julie close-up!


The girls and Angus after opening presents. Gemma was such a happy girl!


Our good friends Carin and Barry Jones came over to help with the party. Carin helped me give all the girls manicure and pedicures while Barry was literally the entertainment! He had two new girlfriends before he went home for the evening!


Here was one of the girlfriends!


After trying to get them to settle down for an hour. I tried to read them a book.


Systke really wanted to sleep! The other girls weren't very agreeable!

At 11:30 pm after musical beds and a lot of shhhhing! They finally fell asleep! Fortunately we made it through the night with no one waking up and wanting to go home. Pretty good as 3 of the girls had never slept over night at a friend's house before! Our sleep was short lived as they were up again at 6 am! I am sure there were some grumpy girls on Saturday afternoon!


Here the girls are eating blueberry pancakes, french toast and hot chocolate for breakfast.

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