Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Liu Bing's New Baby


Our driver, Liu Bing and his wife Liu Ye had a baby girl last week. We had the pleasure of meeting her this past week. She is really adorable and has a full head of black hair. Here are some pictures from our visit.


Liu Ye with her new little bundle of joy! Isn't she so bright looking!


The kids were actually quite indifferent to the baby. Gemma has been begging for a little sister, so I assumed she would be all over the baby.


I thought I could get Jonny interested in doing this again, but even though his expression says 'Yes!', I got a big fat 'No'.


Auntie Xiao Yang taking baby talk. It is funny that the Chinese have their own baby talk language too! Xiao Yang was talking away to Xiao Liu and it was so sweet!

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