Thursday, April 03, 2008

For the second year in a row Gemma's Class has had the pleasure of a surprise visit from a real live leprechaun on St. Patrick's Day. He did about a half an hour presentation to very attentive 3-4 year old and 5-6 year old classes. He even did a solo of Molly Malone which I have to say was excellent and well received. The thing that kills me about this presentation is that he encourages the kids to tell their parents to drink Guinness! What school in the US would let that one fly!!!


Here he is making his grand entrance!


Gemma with her famous father. Gemma's teacher Mrs. Hoke is on the far left and very Irish looking. She is leaving to go back to the U.S. soon to have her baby!


The other half of Gemma's class.


The family Leprechaun!


My dear friend Cyndi just returned from the US last month with her new baby girl Katie. Here is a picture of me and Katie. She is such a sweetheart and also seems to fit in with the St. Paddy's Day theme.


Here is our resident leprechaun with Gemma, Angus, Maggie and her sister Katie.

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I miss you crazy folks!