Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hong Kong Week-end for Two!


This year Jonny has been traveling a ton and just last week he had to go on a trip to Hong Kong. He had this great idea for me to join him on Thursday and spend the week-end there sans the kids. I have always been pretty hesitant to do this, but I also really craved some alone time with Jonny. I went accepted and our wonderful ayi, Xiao Yang and my dear friend Cyndi helped out with the kids while we were gone.

The week-end was really wonderful and included lots of eating and sleeping in without interruption from the kids. Most of our time was spent inside malls shopping as the shopping in Hong Kong is incredible! We also went to a movie called “Escape from Huang Shi” which was really great and I highly recommend it.



As we didn’t do any site seeing we only have a few pictures from our trip which is of the Victoria Harbor with the Hong Kong skyline in the backdrop. We actually took it outside a mall in Kowloon.

I have to say it wasn’t as hard as I thought and I we have already planned to do this again in September!

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Anonymous said...

That is great that you guys got some alone time. It is so worth it! Looks like a fun time. ~Tracy