Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We have arrirved in Paradise!


We arrived in Kota Kinabalu on Sunday around lunch time. We were so happy to arrive at our resort about 10 minutes after we hopped in a taxi. The hotel was very beautiful and this was the view from our room.

We had afternoon tea and took a tour of the hotel facilities and grounds to see what we were going to do during our week before taking a quick dip in the pool. Here are a few pictures of our surroundings.


The boardwalk around the hotel was well built and very picturesque.


We took a peek of the pool through the beautiful tropical plants.


Their is a small private beach at the resort. The island is quite rocky by the sea so I suspect this is a made made beach, but still incredibly beautiful.

There are quite a few orangutans on the island and the other hotel actually has a Orangutans Rehabilitation Center which we are planning to visit during our stay. The water is quite calm here too, so we are going to take the kids out snorkeling for their second go at it. (The first time wasn't too successful!) We are also going to try and a day hike around Mt. Kinabalu. I look forward to sharing the pictures of this lovely place!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! The pictures are amazing. I'm so jealous!!!Orangutans are my favorite I could watch them for hours. Have fun. ~Tracy