Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Am I Raising a High Maintenance Girl???

Gemma has been off school this week, so I asked our ayi (domestic helper) to work 4 hours a day in hopes that I could get a little one on one time with Miss Gemma. Today we headed to a place across from the U.S. Consulate called Silk Tone to get our first manicure. I had heard it was cheap, so I told my girly girl that she could have her nails done too. We were very happy to see that they painted her fingers and toes for a cool dollar. That's right 1 US dollar! I was ecstatic! While I was getting my nails done and they were working on Gemma's toes, I thought to myself: Am I raising a high maintenance girl? Anyone that knows me knows I am a minimalist regarding my physical appearance, so where did this child come from??? Oh well, she might as well enjoy the manicures while they last.

My Chengdu of the day is do get a manicure every other day while you are in Chengdu! For a $1 who can beat it!

My Chengdon't of the day is don't be clean freak while at the manicure place; you get what you paid for!


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VeryApeAZ said...

It's only high maintenance if she starts DEMANDING manicures. But from an outsider's perspective, I would say that you just had quality time. :-)

Tracy said...

WOW- What a price. Wish we had some prices like that here I would be taking Hunter more. Any luck finding a place??

Anonymous said...

How funny! I was just wondering if Jelina was old enough yet to take to get pedicures! LOL. So how did she do? Sit still and all? I feel verified now, anyway. I think that you have enough other balance in your life that she will not become the stereotypical "high maintenance". I think it is a great way to spend time with our daughters and I look forward to doing that kind of stuff with Jelina.
- Nina

Anonymous said...

I think all girls are high maintinance! At least at one point in their life. I have really enjoyed reading all your experiences and will pass some of them onto Brett (like beware of running outside!) as he will be in singapore next month for a couple of weeks.
Take Care,

Anonymous said...

I just thought of something. Probably as a mother of a daughter, literally, the exact same age as Gemma I have pondered the impact of "high and stereo-typical behavoir. I think I came to perhaps a profound conclusion, from a child development perspective; It is great to spend quality time with our daughters in such a manner. It the long run, I would hope it teaches them to take time out for themselves and relax with the people they love and learn from. It is hard for us as women to accept that concept as being, not only essential, but healthy and right. It is also a great and meaningful alternative from a simple movie or ice cream treat. You know what I mean? You get conversation, health, and lack of influence. Cheers to being a great, thoughtful, and reflective parent! (As I hold up a glass of Syrah)
- Nina