Thursday, October 20, 2005

Chengdu in pictures


Last night Jonny and I went out without the kids to meet some friends at the local Chengdu Irish Pub. We had a great time visiting with friends and learning more and more about life in Chengdu.


Jonny and myself enjoying our night out. (Yes, I am in desperate need of a haircut!)


Rock and Sadie who moved to Chengdu about 3 weeks ago. I recently found out that Sadie is a hairdresser! Just my luck!


Molly, Reed, and Bruce. Molly is Reed's cousin visiting from Chicago, Illinois.


This is Joseph, our Driver. He is a very nice man and excellent with Gemma and Angus. Gemma calls him JoJo for short, which just so happens to mean uncle in Chinese.


And to my delight today I found a yarn shop that actually had yarn that didn't look like thread. I found some nice, bulky weight yarn that was about 7 RMB a ball, which is less than $1 dollar. Are my knitting friends jealous or what!


I also found an adorable little boy who had his crotchless pant on. You can kind of see them, but it is a little difficult. He did appear to have a cloth inside his pant, which I have not seen most babies where.


I commented on one of my post about when I was furniture shopping the agent fell asleep on the job. Apparently that is very common around here.


I also took a picture of children at a school today. It was really cool, the kids all had metallic pom-poms and they were doing drill team type routines. A woman came up to me as I was snapping my shots, but I walked away before she could say anything. I got in the van and they chased us down and asked Joseph if I was with the media. Very odd. I would share the pictures, but it makes me a little nervous.

And last, but definitely not least a picture of the front of our new pad.


I went over to the house to see if they were still painting today and to try and take a few pictures of the inside, but they had already gone for the day. I will try and drop by again tomorrow to take interior pictures.


Jill said...

I love looking at all of your pictures. It makes me miss you all so much more though. Can't wait to see the inside of your new pad. You and Jonny look great. It must be agreeing with you. Miss you so much.

Beth said...

I'm still not feeling the whole crotchless-pants-thing-on-babies, but the picture helped grasp the concept a little better. Are you saying they are normally bare-bottomed? Very, uh, unique!

Love all the pictures of Chengdu and your family - thanks for sharing!

VeryApeAZ said...

It bears repeating. Thank you SO much for posting pictures. It certainly beats Phoenix's tract housing and concrete.

As for the crotchless pants... doesn't it get cold for the kiddies? I mean--all it takes is one brisk wind for them to have an accident in the middle of the sidewalk.

Tracy said...

Great to see all the pic's. You all look good. Can't wait to see the inside of your new place.

Anonymous said...


Good to see that you are well!! Seems you have it all under control, which isn't suprising. :)


Nate Dogg said...

Is Molly single! haha

Feesters said...

I have a group coming to Chengdu to see the Pandas and Moon Bear Rescue Center in November. I've been reading your bloggs as I've been doing research... Anyways, is that Brad, Angie's husband at the Shamrock? Boy, what a small world. Do you have addresses and phone numbers of Peter's and Joyce's restaurants? Angie's been out of town lately and I need to make some reservations for lunch for our group of 35. Can you write to me at

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures. And the front of your house looks cool. Something you'd never find in NE or AZ. Atleast I haven't seen it. You all are looking good. Angus is getting so big. I think the last time I saw him he was only a couple months old.