Saturday, October 01, 2005

Chinese National Day

Today was Chinese National Day. It is a holiday celebrating 56 year of communist rule in China. Everyone headed down to Tianfu Square to have his or her photo with the massive statue of Mao Tse Tsung. I had heard there were 10 million in Chengdu, but I think today all of them were at Tianfu Square, which happens to be at the Starbucks that I went to today. Talk about a lot of people! Besides today being a national holiday next week everyone will be off work except of course Jonny. So most of our expat friends are out gallivanting around Asia while we are in our hotel for at least another week if not longer.

This evening we went out to dinner tonight at Peter's where we ran into 10 American teachers teaching English in Wahun. They were from Alabama, Virginia, North Carolina, and New Mexico and were as excited to see another American as I was.

Tomorrow we are going to have a lazy day. Our driver will be with his family for the holiday, so we are hoofing it tomorrow. Happy Chinese National Day!

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Creative Genius? said...

I was in China 3 years ago for National Day... it was amazing!! Get out and about and enjoy... it's pretty cool!