Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Day 9 - Cabarita Beach/Bogangar


The gang after lunch.

We left the Williams family after a fabulous visit with them. It had been way too long since we saw them last and hopefully we will see them again in the near future!


Janet and Jonny


The Williams Family




Janet giving Angus a piano lesson.



Jonny decided that we would just drive and find a place to stay along the cost. We came across a string of small seaside villages and chose one called Bagangar. We had a lovely evening in Bogangar and yummy Thai food at their local restaurant which the kids devoured! (I am so thankful the kids aren't picky and go with the flow with our exotic food tastes.)

In the morning we had a nice breakfast and went for a run, which was steamy to say the least. We headed back to the hotel and packed up our bags to prepare to head out to Surfers Paradise.


We wanted a few more snapshots of the beach, so we headed up to Cabarita Hill for some photo ops. On our way out of the parking lot we had the misfortune of getting hit by a lovely uninsured Australian driver!


Of course we opted not to get the additional insurance on the vehicle. You can imagine the deductible. I guess we had a bit of bad luck, but we decided not to let it ruin our vacation. We just let it go, it is only money and everyone was uninjured. Lesson learned ALWAYS BUY THE EXTRA RENTAL INSURANCE WHEN YOU ARE DRIVING A RENTAL CAR OUTSIDE YOUR HOME COUNTRY!!!


potusol said...

Bummer about the car. I ALWAYS get rental insurance just because I always seem to get hit. You guys are really having an adventure. I can't wait to see all the pictures. : )

Jill said...