Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stitch 'n Bitch Chengdu Style!

You can't keep a good knitter down or anyway a knitting promoter. I finally did it and started a knitting group in Chengdu within the Chengdu International Woman's Club. My friend Sadie and I thought we would teach the expats kids to knit and we had great turn outs for both of the groups that we have held so far. There are quite a few new knitters, but there are also many experienced knitters too.


Here is a photo of the first class.

Last week I went to the North Market with my ayi to find out where to buy yarn and needles. We were only there for a short time, but I found an absolute gold mine! I sent up a field trip for this past Saturday to go and buy yarn.


Here is our group!

I can only imagine all of my knitting readers out there salivating at the thought of the goodies I have found. The prices are absolutely amazing! For example I bought about 1000 grams of Brown Sheep Bulky for just over $6. They have tons of funky yarn too! I was so surprised by the selection. I will take some photos of my wool at the next meeting so you can see what we found. Hopefully I will have time to make something with my new yarn too!

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VeryApeAZ said...

I keep threatening Jeff that we have to go to one of the knitting meetings and learn. I'm afraid I'll end up liking it.