Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 30: Henry Doorly Zoo


Our last day in Nebraska and the US I took the kids to my favorite place in Nebraska, the Henry Doorly Zoo. If you ever get a chance to go to Nebraska it is a must see. I might even go as far as saying that you should make a special trip to this zoo. It is the best zoo that I have ever been to in the world. The kids had an fabulous time, especially Angus as he is at the perfect age for the zoo.


Angus and Gemma with the cock-a-teals.


Angus in the petting zoo.

The best part of the whole zoo is the gorilla exhibit. They must have over 30 gorillas and the place where they live is very much like their own habitat. I was so impressed by this area and so were the kids.


Here was a gorilla looking in the window at everyone. I swear he looked like King Kong! All of the gorillas were fascinated by the people on the other side of the window. I wonder if they thought they were visiting a zoo too????


I put this picture on my blog more for the expression on Gemma's face. This is classic Gemma. She was getting sick and tired of me taking pictures of her and she was telling me so. I have to say in this pictures she looks a bit more like me.


If you would ask Gemma she would tell you the carousel was her favorite thing at the zoo!


After the zoo we went back to my parents house for dinner. My dad bought sweet corn, which is one of my favorite things in Nebraska. The sweet corn in Nebraska is the best around! Gemma and Angus thought so too. Gemma scarffed down 4 ears of corn herself!!!

As my dad and I were preparing dinner the kids went outside to feed the ducks some bread. The are so tame and will come right up to you. I was so surprised they came so close to the kids.




After dinner my friend Paula came down from Omaha for a short visit with the kids. She hadn't met Angus yet or seen Gemma this trip. Here she is with the kids.


We had such a great time in Nebraska. I thought it would drag because there isn't much to do there, but much to my surprise the time flew. I was very sad to leave the slow paced life and sad to take my kids away from it. They had the time of their lives there and I hope to spend many more summers there with the kids while they are little.


Jill said...

That gorilla is huge! Miss Gemma ate 4 ears of corn, huh? Wow you gotta love a food that looks the coming out as it does going in.

Tracy said...

Great to see all the pics! You look like you had a great time in nebraska. Looks like a beautiful place.

Maura said...

That's quite an endorsement (regarding the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo) especially coming from a world traveler as yourself.

Glad you had fun in NE and on your trip. Wish I could've seen ya'll.

...(shut up about the "ya'll", I really don't talk like that.)