Monday, September 11, 2006

Day 37: The Guinness Brewery, etc.

The next day after breakfast and checking out of the hotel we hopped on the bus to do some more sight seeing and to take the tour of the Guinness Brewery. Here are a few sites we enjoyed.


Trinity College, home of the Book of Kells.


River Liffey


Christ Church Cathedral Check out a brief history, the church dates back to 1030 a.d.!

After seeing a bunch more sites on our open bus tour we headed for our much anticipated tour of the Guinness Brewery. I couldn't believe how great the tour was. I left feeling like I could actually make Guinness myself. I highly recommend this tour if you make it to Dublin.


Here are my parents getting ready to go to the tasting room.


My parents having a taste of the black stuff!


Cheers! I also learned that the Guinness we get in China is their special Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.


There was a place to leave your mark in the Brewery.


The pour!


At the end of the tour we all had tokens for our free pint of Guinness. We managed to give two pints away and sipped on the other. My parents aren't big drinkers and I am not much of a beer girl, but I have to say I enjoy the flavor of Guinness. They have a great bar, where you get your free pint on the top floor, that give you a spectacular view of Dublin.

After our tour we headed to the collect our bags and on to the train station. I had a great trip with my parents and I hope I can do that again some day.


Maura said...

being a beer girl, I think I'd be in heaven!

Cacti to Cornfields said...

When I was in Ireland in 1998, my girlfriend and I spent a few days in Dublin and it was amazing! Also went on the Guinness brewery tour (and enjoyed a free pint!), Christ Church Cathedral and Trinity College. FUN! Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Cheers! (We did the trolley tour, too... I think that's what you said you're doing?)

VeryApeAZ said...

I like Guiness a lot. The beauty of it is, it satisfies all the major food groups. You can go all day doing nothing but drink Guiness and feel full (and a little tipsy). ;-)