Saturday, September 30, 2006

Day 41: Here at Castlerock!

Although Ireland is not known for their summer weather they have lots and lots of beautiful beaches. We usually go to Benone beach, but this trip we tried a new beach in Castlerock. I would have to say this was probably the nicer of the two beaches because there was a nice little cove that was so relaxing. I just plopped myself down on the sand and read my book while my Dad to hundreds of pictures, the Grannies walked on the beach, Jonny and his Dad picked strange creatures up off the beach and the kids played and dug in the sand.

Gemma is a beach girl at heart!


My Mom and Angus walking on the beach.


Our niece Rebekah and Gemma digging a hole in the sand.


Angus playing in the hole they dug.


The Grannies taking a break from their walk.


Angus just loves to pose for pictures.



My Dad checking out the ocean.


Jonny kept seeing a bunch of these all over the beach. I just thought it was seaweed, so I didn't pay much attention. Of course Jonny had to dissect it to see what it was. For some reason there were tons of baby octopus that washed up to shore. Not quite sure why they were doing this and I tried to research it, but I couldn't find much other than how to make baby octopus in tomato sauce!


Here are our two with their cheesy grins! If you could only see the crevasses I found sand on these two!


Here we are with the kids! It was a great evening at the beach and I highly recommend visiting Castlerock if you ever make it to Northern Ireland.


Creative Genius? said...

Kim - the kids are so beautiful and getting so big!!! Thanks for posting these picutres of them... I just love it!


Jill said...

those are great pictures! It looks like the kids loved the beach.