Saturday, September 09, 2006

Day 36: In Dublin's Faire City!

After Jonny arrived and we were all reunited with him I left the kids with him and took my parents to Dublin on the train from Belfast. I have not been to Dublin in 12 years, so I was excited to see the changes it had made over the years. Honestly my first visit was a blur, it was my first trip overseas and Jonny and I were still in the initial stages of our high speed relationship. I hadn't ever took the train in Ireland either, so that was quite a treat! My parents were a little nervous going with me as Jonny is more the seasoned traveler, but I think I may have impressed them with my map reading skills.

We arrived just in time to check into our room and go for lunch. We walked from the train station to our hotel which took about 30 minutes, but it was well worth it because were were able to see quite a few sites.


Here are my parents getting ready to walk down Grafton Street.

One of the most famous is Molly Malone, do you know the song?


Here I am with Molly and her wheelbarrel.

I took my parents out for their first Turkish kebob, which they really enjoyed. I was very surprised, but so happy that they tried it. It wasn't the best I have ever had, but it gave them an idea how to eat outside the box!

We decided that our best bet in seeing the whole city in 2 days was to take the open bus tour which you could use your ticket for 24 hours, which was perfect for us.

We had a lovely rest of our evening having dinner at a nice quiet restaurant by our hotel who served up the most fanciest and tastiest Fish and Chips I have ever had. My parents and I had a great time at dinner and I don't think I have had such a great talk with the in 10s of years! Maybe it had something do with the bottle of wine... My parents wanted to see an authentic Irish pub so we hit the place next door and had a nice time.

We went back to the hotel room and thought that it was such a nice little place, but little did we know that there was a disco in the basement. Usually they wouldn't be open for dancing, but the high school kids just got their test results and were out whooping it up until all hours of the night. And we thought we were in the quiet part of town!


My parents in front of our hotel.


Maura said...

Hi Kim,
I'm so happy you had such a good trip with your parents! And I'm jealous you were able to have nice conversations with them without children interupting. I can't imagine that ever happening to me.

Jill said...

Sounds like you had such a nice time. Great pictures too. Wine does so much for conversations.

VeryApeAZ said...

Wow! Molly Malone is a busty lass.