Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at the resort swimming with the kids in the swimming has really gotten good and she is doing all sorts of acrobatics underneath the water while Angus has been aided with a new set of arm band floaties. It has given us a little freedom because the last time we had him in the water he was an absolute madman jumping in wherever he felt like it and sinking to the bottom of the pool! This time he has stayed a float and is really starting to kick and us his arms to move around.

The resort had a compulsarary dinner, which means we had no choice but to pay for it whether we eat it or not. The decorated beautifully and it really made it feel like Christmas. There were trees decorated, lights everywhere, ice sculptures and of course fireworks! The food absolutely beautiful food! They had a huge international buffet with favorite Christmas food from all over the world.


Jonny and Angus with the ice reindeer.


Me and the kids with the ice reindeer.

Dinner was at 7 pm, so we were pushing it with the kids. Angus definitely was not going to last. I quickly got the kids a plate as soon as we saw people start eating, but Angus fell asleep shortly after his plate arrived. Jonny was holding him when he fell asleep and we were trying to figure out what we should do about dinner. I asked the restaurant staff if the could put 2 chairs together so we could make a bed for Angus. They agreed and we both were able to enjoy our dinner.


Angus sleeping at dinner.

The hotel also provided entertainment including a Thai school chorus who sang Christmas Carols to us and a visit from Santa Claus! Santa Claus arrived with fireworks. Gemma told us that is how she knew it was the "real" Santa and not the pretend Santa. Unfortunately, Angus slept through all of this and missed his chance on Santa's lap. Santa brought gifts for all the kids and also the adults. It was very thoughtful of the hotel and we really enjoyed our Christmas Eve.


Gemma sitting on the 'real' Santa's lap!

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tracy said...

We have done the "chair thing" too in restaurants it makes a great little bed! Looks like a fun christmas eve.