Sunday, December 17, 2006

Show Yourselves!

I have had a stat counter on my blog since I began blogging. I rarely look at it, but tonight I decided to check it out. I was checking out the paths of where people came from and I am so interested to see who is reading my blog. I can guess who is reading from some of the paths, but I am just curious on a few. Like for instance, who in Glen Allen, Virginia is reading my blog?? Or Rizal, Muntinlupa, Philippines? And someone in Ft. Worth, Texas read religiously! Please comment and let me know! I find it interesting how people get to different types of blogs and why.


Maura said...

Kim, It might be me from Virginia. Since TN is pretty close to VA. Not sure where Glen Allen is though. You know I check in on you regularly so - no surprise there.
Love ya, miss ya girl! Maura

Kirsten said...

Hi Kim! Here I am from AZ. I love seeing what you all get up to in China! Happy Holidays!!

megandshanny said...

Hi Kim - I have had a hard time trying to post a message on your blog for the past day! I am from Glen Allen, VA. I used to live in AZ and am a friend of Brooke and Julie's. I really enjoy your blog, and your kids are adorable! - Meghan

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and Family,

Hope your Christmas celebration is everything you want it to be. i enjoy reading your blog and following you on your adventures. I envy you when I read some of the gems you are finding and those long lifetime memories that no one can take away from you.

Good health, Good times to all of you.
Love, Tom and Jean

Anonymous said...

Hi! We are the ones in the Philippines (but it's probably Amy Kirley too) your fellow Intel expats. :)