Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How you doin'?


Me and my Zoot Suit Daddy!


Mei and her husband and party host Gavin!

The week-end before last we had the pleasure of being invited to one of our friend's wife's 40th birthday party at The Bookworm. In Chengdu style, it was a fancy dress party and the theme was "20's, 30's or old time" clothing. When I saw this on the invitation I immediately thought roaring 20's! I just thought of all the cool things I could have made. I looked on the Internet for 1920's style and I was surprised to find I couldn't find much. (Little did I know I should have been searching costume sites, but you will hear about that in another post.)

I now had to see if I could find a place to have costumes made. My Chinese teacher gave me the name of a place that had costumes to rent and I went to check it out. They only had a few things to rent and nothing that was really 1920's, so I asked in my broken Chinese if there were other places that rented costumes. The guy wrote down on a piece of paper where to go. I was so excited when we arrived on Shanxi Lu, there were a ton of shops and tailors for either renting or having costumes made. I just picked one and brought in a few pictures for them to go by. They made Jonny a zoot suit including jacket, pants, and hat and made me a a dress with scarf all for the price of around 600 rmb or (75 US$), which I found quite reasonable.

Jonny and I were one fo the first to arrive at the party and I have to admit I was feeling a bit over dressed. Most everyone had dressed up in old time Chinese wear or old time wear, so we were one of the few dressed in Western style 20's wear. Jonny was probably the most dapper dressed of anyone at the party. We had an absolutely fabulous time and everyone who was their had a great time! They had food, wine, a band, dj and lots of dancing. Here are a few photos from the night.


My friend and rugby teammate Emily and Isabel who owns the Shamrock where we are known to be found from time to time.


Rock, Jonny, and Tony from the Chengdu rfc!


Our friend and my rugby teammate Lily!


Rock and Flora


Jonny and his two crazy French girlfriends! The one on the left did wear 1920's wear and the other one was Cleopatra.


Rock checking out CC's hair. This girl has hair down to the back of her knees!


Jamie, Peter (Bookworm) and Emily bustin' a move!


James (Gavin's son) and his harem.


Later in the night things got a bit crazy. Our dear friend Mike just had to wear my fish net stockings!

We ended up dancing the night away! It was a great party! I think maybe next year we will have to do this for my 38th birthday party!!!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun party!! That the one went as Cleopatra is just sooo French. I wish my legs looked as good as Mike's. However, the multi-layer sandwich picture takes the cake!