Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back in Nebraska...

Well I have taken some time off from blogging mainly because I have been busy, but also because of the earthquake. The kids and I have returned to Nebraska for one month to hang out with my parents and siblings. I have made a few plans while we are back like taking some tennis lessons, enrolling Angus in swimming lessons, attending my Grandmother's 90th birthday party and hosting my 20th class reunion. There are also tons of fun things going on that I used to enjoy doing when I was a kid like Old Settlers Days in North Bend, 4th of July at Woodcliff with my parents, and John C. Fremont Days.

It should make for some good blog material. I am also going to be doing some back posting starting with finishing my posts from our Malaysia trip. There will also be some pictures of the Bamboo Sea (we went there the week-end before the earthquake) and Yoga Thailand. I look forward to catching up!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, welcome back to blogging. We have missed it!