Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cedar Bluffs High School Class of 1988


Well we made it! It has been twenty years since we roamed the hallways of Cedar Bluffs High School, but we were able to meet again after all this time. We had a pretty good turn out for our 20th class reunion. Paula and I did a ton of research to try and make sure everyone received an invitation the party. Unfortunately we weren't able to get in contact with a few people. A few people didn't return our phone callas and a few couldn't make it back. I am happy to report that we had over 50% of our class in attendance. We had a nice time catching up and hearing about everyone's lives and seeing lots of pictures of people kids (of course I forgot pictures of mine!). I think we all seemed to be more mature and have learned from life's lessons. It was nice to step back in time for an evening with a group of people that you spent 19 years of your life. Here are some pictures from our evening.


Kim, Darren and Paula. Paula was the maid of honor in our wedding. We not only went to high school together, but went to college together too. We have been friends from 32 years! Darren was one of the first to arrive with his new wife Mindy.


Stefani was someone I played softball with since I was in grade school. She eventually came to school in Cedar Bluffs after finishing school at her country school. We ended up playing volleyball and cheerleading together. She was the only person I didn't recognize when she arrived. It had been at least 13 years since I had seen her last. She looks fabulous!


Some serious conversation.


Rachel, Kim, and Nikki. Rachel was invited to the reunion by me because she grew up in Cedar Bluffs and we played softball together, but she went to Catholic School in a different town. Rachel and I have always remained close and I always try and see her and her family (she has 6 kids!) when I am home. It was so great to see Nikki and I am so glad she decided to come for the reunion. She was one of my closest friends in high school.


A couple of the husbands making the burgers.


Rachel and Stefani, old softball buddies!


Rachel, Shumain and Nikki


Stefani, Shumain, and Rhonda, you should have seen them on the volleyball court!


Some of the boys.


William, Nikki's husband and Jonny. Jonny just flew in from Singapore and arrived at the reunion.


Enjoying the food and conversation.


Shumain, Rhonda, Me, Rachel (Bill's wife), Paula, and Rachel


Poor Shumain, she was trying to take the chicken out of the oven and dumped it on her leg. Luckily she wasn't hurt.


Cindy and Darwin. Darwin is a principal in Iowa.


Stefani, living in Blair on the farm with her husband and two kids. She works at Wal-Mart in Omaha.

Rhonda and Richard are the proud parents’ two cute kids. Rhonda is the General Manager of 7 radio stations in Omaha.


Mike and Wendy have 5 gorgeous kids!


Bill and Rachel have two adorable little boys Bill was my neighbor growing up and he is a stay at home Dad.


Nikki and William live in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. They are the proud parents of two beautiful kids.


Paula and Alan have two darling little girls. Paula is the principal of an elementary school in Omaha.

Melissa and Dana 4 girls. Dana makes fire engines for a living! Angus is dying to go see him do this!


Pat is living in Cedar Bluffs and is farming thousands of acres with his brother. Unfortunately they lost quite a few crops on Friday. He was so awesome on Saturady! He came early without being asked and helped us set up. He also graciously paid our rental fee of the American Legion where we ended up having the party.


George and Missy live in Omaha with their two boys. George in a teacher in Papillion.


Darren and Mindy are newlyweds. Darren works for 3M.

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