Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grandma Snelling's 90th Birthday Soiree


Dad and Grandma

My Dad's mother Rosella Snelling turned 90 years old on the 17th of June. She is probably the most incredible 90 year old woman in the world! She is not only beautiful, but she is funny, a ball of energy and incredibly musically talented. She planned the entire party and sent out the invitations out herself. She also performed for us playing the keyboard. Here are some pictures of her special day.


Grandma and my Mom.


Grandma getting warmed up before the dance off.


My cousin Shannon, who lives in Texas and teaches kindergarten with my Grandma. She grew up down the street from my Grandma.


My niece Abby and my nephews Isaac and Aiden.


Me, my sister Jenny and Becky and my Mom. Who do you think I look like?


Angus chasing all of the cousins with his scary monster face.


Grandma performing on her keyboard. This woman has never been able to ready music and can play the piano, keyboard accordion, and button accordion all by ear. It is pretty amazing that she can still do this because she is extremely hard of hearing. I think it is all about feeling the rhythm.


My family


Grandma cutting a rug! She was definitely the Belle of the Ball!


All of the Snelling cousins. We are actually only missing one.


My Uncle Allan, cousin Jan, and my Dad. It was the first time I had ever met my cousin Jan in person! Oh how I missed out in life! She is probably one of the coolest people I have ever met and we have so much in common! My Dad is probably happy didn't meet before now because we would have raised hell when we were girls!


My Uncle Allan's family


The Woods!


Angus stealing the decorations.


Me and Jan at my parents' house.


My cousin Terry, who is Jan's half sister, my Dad and Jan.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures. Where was Gemma? I bet your sisters are jealous of you hot stuff! Was your brother there too? Your dad looks great. Love, Jill