Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Running Can Be Dangerous to Your Health!

Yesterday, against the advise of another woman who has lived in China almost 4 years, I went on my first run. I have really been itching for exercise and I thought it can't be that bad. I left the hotel and headed down Ren Min Nan Lu (People's Road South) for a mile. As I came to a red light I jogged in a small circle on the sidewalk and as I ran in my circle I managed to get hit by a woman on a moped. I wasn't even on the road, I was on the sidewalk! She seemed to be horrified that she hit me, but I just looked at her and burst out laughing. I couldn't believe it! I actually go hit by a moped, in China! I am alright and I don't even think I have a bruise. I am probably going to refrain from running outside for now.

Things have been really busy around here. My friend Tanya's aye (domestic helper) asked me if I needed an aye because she had a friend, Xiao Yang, who was looking for work. I interviewed her and hired on the spot. My interview consisted of Tanya's driver translating questions like, do you cook? what hours can you work? do you know how to change diapers? She came the very same afternoon and stayed with the kids in the hotel room while I went to a meeting at Gemma's school. I am on the Fall Festival committee in charge of food. Imagine me signing up for something. The kids seem to enjoy their new babysitter and although I wasn't entirely comfortable leaving the kids with someone new and non-English speaking, but I knew I had to suck it up and get used to it. The great thing about Xiao Yang is that she is flexible and she absolutely loves children. When we move into our house she has agreed to work for us 6 days a week for 8 hours a day, which is pretty common hours. It will be nice to have help with the kids and the house.

I also made it to girls night out for the Chengdu International Women's Club (CIWC). There were about 13 woman, 9 from the US, 1 Canadian, 1 Kiwi, 1 from Slovenia, and 1 from Estonia. We met at a pretty fancy place that had great wine and fabulous desserts. (I didn't even think I could get wine in China, but I have been pleasantly surprised so far!) I am really enjoying this group of women. They are all very interesting and have moved to China for several different reasons. Most of the woman really love it here, so it gives me hope that I will grow to love it here too.

Today I made it to the 1st Starbuck's in Chengdu. I had an iced % latte and an "American Brownie". I ended up taking the kids back for lunch because they had a ton of food that I thought the kids might like and of course Gemma had to have a vanilla steamer. Now only if they had a pumpkin spice latte or frappuccinno...

I also made it to Carrefour for my first real grocery shopping experience. I needed to but groceries because we moved to a hotel room with a kitchen because we were so sick of eating out. I have to say this place a cook's dream. Everything is so cheap and the fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs are plentiful. I think I spent around $11 dollars and made it out of the stores with six bags of groceries. We only have a stove with two burners, but I was able to make fried egg sandwiches, homemade apple sauce and homemade potato soup. It was very yummy!

We are getting closer to finding a home. We looked at another place tonight and it was close to what we are looking for. We are going to look at something similar tomorrow and hopefully it will be the one. Keep your fingers crossed!

Tomorrow I am having my first authentic Chinese lunch with the wives of men from Jonny's company. Most of them have lived in Asia or China for the past 4 years, so I should get lots of survival tips.

My Chengdu of the day is do get a gym membership while living in China.

My Chengdon't of the day is don't run outside even on the side walk.


Tracy said...

Man, hit on the sidewalk by a moped. I can't believe that. At least your ok. Goodluck with the house you are looking at. Sounds like you are meeting new people all the time. Thats great! Is there a gym at the hotel??

megandshanny said...

Starbucks must have hit the spot! Glad to hear that you have met some nice ladies in your group.

VeryApeAZ said...

OK. I laughed my ass off with the moped. First, mopeds are inherently funny. Then to get hit by one, one a sidewalk. That's killer. :-)

I'm glad to hear that you are having a good time. I hope you get the most out of this incredible experience!

Sherita said...

Can't you get a Skype account and talk on the phone with your computer. Should work since you have an internet connection. That's how I talk to my London daughter.

miss you, Sherry

Sherita said...

Can't you get a Skype account and talk on the phone with your computer. Should work since you have an internet connection. That's how I talk to my London daughter.

miss you, Sherry