Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving, China style!


Our imported American turkey.

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving! The last couple of years we have had kind of different Thanksgiving celebrations, so it was very nice to be at home and cooking our traditional dishes. I was also very happy to have my Dad with us and to cook for him. We had some special guests too! Our friend Carin from South Africa joined us for her very first Thanksgiving dinner and AJ, Maggie and George Pill joined us while Cyndi was back in the U.S. preparing to have her 3rd baby.


Here we are at the table.


The food on the table.

I do really miss Thanksgiving in the U.S. I love that I could choose what kind of turkey I buy and they type of bread I use in my stuffing. I could buy fresh cranberries!!! Having Thanksgiving in China however pushed me to make something from scratch that I would ordinarily buy. I made homemade whole wheat dinner rolls from scratch and I have to say they were quite tasty. It even encouraged my Dad to whip up some when he returned to Nebraska.

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